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It was a sunny, summer day

Driving, she rapidly approached the bank. She parked close to the front door to make a quick, easy departure. She turned off the car's ignition and reached for her mask. Donning the mask, she added her dark sunglasses and then grabbed for her purse, complete with Springfield at the ready. Turning to push open the car door, she caught a glimpse of herself in the rear view mirror. Who would possibly even recognize her, she thought.

Waiting until the coast was clear, she walked to the front door of the bank, opened it. As she crossed the threshold, she instinctively removed her sunglasses and waited a moment as her eyes adjusted. After assessing the layout and institution's employees as well as the single file, widely spread line of customers, she stepped to the back of the line...

No this isn't the beginning of a crime novel but instead this was me, just last week.

Never would I have believed I'd be describing a trip I made to the bank. Never would I have thought of me wearing a mask while at the same time carrying a gun and entering a bank would be true. I couldn't have imagined such a thing - OK, well maybe that one time I dreamed I was a old time bank robber. Certainly I would have told you you were crazy had you said this would be me in advance of March.

There have been a lot of 'firsts' for me this year and I'm sure for you too. Masks and frequent hand washings, cancellations of event after event, meeting after meeting, both weddings and funerals. At some points holding our breathe waiting for update calls on infected family members. It seems the world went on hold. Even my usually colorful planner is blank with white pages throughout April and May.

For me, one of the things I have greatly miss is seeing those who attend the annual firearms events, seeing old friends and meeting new people. We are hoping to see you all next year. And in anticipation we are planning new things.

Until then we hope you and yours stay safe and healthy!



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