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"This is the coolest thing!" That's what we hear about our one-of-a-kind Car Hook. The Packin' Neat Car Hook is designed to keep your purse, bag or even groceries from tipping over or dumping into the foot well. The functional design provides an easy to use 'hook' for for your purse or bag. Simply make sure one strap is on the hook. Quick stops and turns are no longer a problem. Watch the short Car Hook Video Love it and share it - use the promo code below to save $5 off each Car Hook available for a limited time. Use promo code LOVE at checkout. p.s. This offer in being shared ONLY with our monthly newsletter subscribers as a thank you for subscribing.

A new year's resolution

If you are a concealed-carrier or own a gun for home defense, it's said you can't have too much training. Training is important for many reasons including the fact you'll become more comfortable with your firearm. We all have a very busy schedule, whether it's work, kids or family. These things keep us busy and are often the very things we want to protect. As I write this I can't help but think I need more training too! I hear from many women, "yes I have a gun but I never shoot it'. You don't want an incident to be the first time you draw your firearm. Under stress you'll revert back to what you know and are comfortable with. If you aren't proficient you might hesitate, forget basics a

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