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Review by Graham Baates

Published on Feb 6, 2016 This innovative product from Packin Neat by Kristen has been a game changer for Erika. Use YOUR purse and carry in confidence! Firearm modeled: Walther PPS

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I got the black medium (Tactical) insert for my purse and it' perfect for not ony my personal protection, but also for the smaller things like my keys, gum and phone! Excellent Product!


The Packin' Neat system looks awesome! I recently looked at holsters at a sporting goods store to put in my purse and was concerned if I ever had to draw that the holster would come with it.  Looks like this won't because it'll have the weight of the rest of my purse contents in the purse compartment. Genius!  ~ Tiffany

I LOVE your holsters!!!  ~ Mae

"I share this product with all the women I train.  It's the best way to conceal carry if you're going to carry in your purse" ~ Certified NRA Trainer, AZ

"Fantastic!  I found your site via a simple google search for "turning an ordinary purse into a cc purse" and found you.  Fantastic!" ~ TLIS

Love your product and can't wait to receive it for my daughter and myself! Thanks!

 ~ Eve

...I wanted to let you know how much I'm impressed with this product. I love how I can swap from purse to purse and still stay organized.  It is no heavier with my gun in the holster and my other stuff than without.  I'm extremely happy. ~Traci

"BRILLIANT idea, and I have exactly one purse, but I have it in four colors, so I've been using a purse insert for years. But never had one designed for my gun, too!" ~ Stephanie, AZ

"PERFECT! Your purse insert is the only thing I have found that will work the best." ~ Emily, CO


     I am a Kentucky concealed carry instructor.  My wife recently purchased your purse liner and loves it.  If you have brochures and will send some, I will have them available for my lady students.  Thank you!!" ~  D. P.

I am thrilled I've finally found a solution so I can keep my favorite designer purses and conceal carry at the same time. I am also excited that I am not walking around pointing a loaded gun at other people. I have never been comfortable with specially designed concealed carry purses for that very reason. It makes no sense to be taught over and over not to point a weapon at anything you are not prepared to shoot and then to be walking around precisely doing just that! The Packin' Neat is lightweight, made in America from durable denier tactical nylon, has excellent workmanship, and does a great job at hiding your weapon in plain sight. ~ Caroline

Wow, this thing is awesome. The sizing is good - I bought a compact and it holds every compact or subcompact handgun we own just fine. I'm so happy I don't have to spend a fortune on ugly concealed carry bags! I can move this between purses or bags - the skinny works in the large pockets in some of my tote-style bags, and of course in smaller purses like it was designed for. I am a student and it works great in my laptop bag (messenger style or traditional laptop case from CaseLogic). The pockets hold phone, extra magazines, gum, etc. and the fold over snap-closed flap keeps the gun concealed even if my bag is wide open. Really high quality craftsmanship and MADE IN THE U.S.A., so I'm a customer for life. This even works well in the front pocket of one of my husband's backpacks, so I can attest that it works great for men too! ~McKenzie

 I had never really considered how unsafe it was to carry concealed with my gun in a horizontal position, as it is in an actual concealed carry handbag. I'm not an expert with handguns, so I really appreciate the extra safety of carrying my revolver with the barrel down. I just need to practice drawing it out of my bag and getting used to the holster. Thanks for a great product!

~ Jenny G.

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"It's a genius idea, really." - Brian C. Sheetz, Senior Executive Editor, American Rifleman, April 2016

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2010 - present

2010 - present

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"Oh, man. The Packin’ Neat purse holster system is a dream come true for a purse girl. And I’m a purse girl. I buy purses like a lot of women buy shoes. But it’s also a chore because I’m picky about it. It can’t just be a bag. I need some pockets for organization, but not too many nooks and crannies. And most importantly I need a pocket that will hold my pistol, which doesn’t leave a lot of choices. Consequently, my daughters have never accused me of having cute purses. So when I was asked to take a look at the Packin’ Neat system, I eagerly jumped on it.


I bought a couple of purses designed specifically for concealed carry, with the built-in pocket for the pistol. But they are made out of leather which makes them so darn heavy I simply don’t use them. So I have been relegated to buying purses with an extra pocket that I can put my pistol in. Not ideal, but I’ve made do. But now the Packin’ Neat system solves all my problems for me. It’s not made out of leather so it’s lightweight, but it is stitched together well and appears strong and sturdy. I love the little organizational pockets on the outside. I put my can’t-live-without items in the pockets, slid my little LCP in the holster and I was set. Then off I went to the store to see how many different purses this little beauty would fit in.


I had so much fun! Best of all was the visit to the Coach Factory Outlet. I have never even really bothered looking at them because I had seen a few and they were mostly single pockets or otherwise not what I needed. But I spent an hour in there trying out the Packin’ Neat in a variety of purses. Oh, no, now, this could be dangerous! I might be able to find quality purses that I can actually use on a daily basis? Oh, the excitement! Interestingly, when I told two of the clerks what I was doing, they said it was a great idea, that they have women coming in all the time asking specifically for concealed carry purses and they wished they carried them. They realized this could open up a whole new clientele for them as well.

I’m thrilled that I can now look for purses that I like the looks of and actually still be able to carry my pistol. I love the idea I can buy a variety of purses and move the Packin’ Neat from purse to purse with little effort. Finally, I can now join the ranks of the cool girls and get the cute contemporary purses. And my daughters will no longer have to be embarrassed of their mother’s purse. ~ Nancy Keaton, Author  'Girls Just Wanna Have Guns', WA

."The decision to carry a concealed weapon is a very personal one. It was the right decision for me and In choosing to do so, I was introduced to Packin' Neat by Kristen. The handbag organizer with a firearm holster is the perfect fit for my needs. The organizer is certainly a bonus for all the miscellaneous items I carry; but most importantly, my firearm is safely holstered yet easily accessible." ~ Cheri, FL

"Great idea!" ~ Carrie, FL

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