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It’s that time…Happy Thanksgiving!

This is the time of year we gather together to give thanks. A time to look back over the year, remember what is good, reminisce with old stories and spend time with loved ones. For many this year’s Thanksgiving feast may look a bit different. Perhaps the table you’ll be gathering around is a bit smaller or loved one’s won’t be making the usual pilgrimage to visit. Whatever your Thanksgiving looks like, it’s still a time to be grateful, connect with loved ones – even from afar.

If nothing else, the year 2020 has given us a really good look at what is important. It’s been a time to connect over video calls, emails and maybe even old-fashioned mail. Undoubtedly, many have found time to read more, clean more or fix that one annoying home maintenance item you just couldn’t find time to get to previously. For others, redecorating has been at the top of the list and for others, well, let’s just say you’ve ‘binge-watched’ a series you’ve been meaning to watch.

This year, perhaps more than any other, has reminded us to focus on what's most important in our lives. We, at Packin’ Neat are grateful for you. Grateful to all our customers, friends, suppliers and family. As autumn comes to a close, we wish you and your family a safe and healthy Thanksgiving.

Signed, your friends at Packin' Neat


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