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For the LOVE of guns!

As we approach the Valentine’s Day holiday it’s appropriate to think about love. In this case more specifically, love and guns.

When I think about my relationship with guns, let’s just say it’s wasn't always love at first sight. In fact, 20 years ago if asked, I would have told a totally different story. I didn’t like guns, period. I didn’t want any in my house.

If you’ve been around guns your whole live or started shooting early-on, this sounds a little crazy or naïve. Even so, you might know someone who feels this way right now.

I didn’t think I needed a gun and to have one was, well I might not have admitted it then, but scary. If you aren’t familiar with guns, had a situation with a gun involved, this could be you or someone you know.

Moving from hating to dislike to acceptance is a continuum. Knowledge and reason with a little less emotion can move someone along this path. Don’t tell them they’re wrong they’ll only dig in their heels (I know this one first hand).

For many who have shifted to acceptance, it can be a gradual shift over time with facts, talking with others and a dose of the real world. For others the change happens over night. That was me. It took a real life event, a ground shaking, frightful moment where I was in danger and seeing it coming and knowing I didn’t have a way to stop it. At that point acceptance came quick.

If you asked those around me now they might even say I love guns. I think I’m still in the continuum, somewhere between acceptance and love. I see a gun as I do my stove, refrigerator or car. It’s a tool, a vehicle to serve a purpose. I’m particular about my stove, refrigerator, car and gun, but they have are there for a purpose.

I guess I’m still working on the LOVE of guns. What I do love is to help others find a way to carry that tool everyday so it's there when it's needed. That's my true love!



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