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The number one user question to clean out your purse

First and foremost, this is rather embarrassing. I am about to show you a picture of my very own Packin' Neat purse insert. And I'll say, it's a little dirty. I'm not sure exactly how that happens in a purse but ladies, you'll admit things can get a little messy in there. I'm happy to say that the firearm and firearm holster area are completely clean. No tissue, lint, gunk or stuff needs to be cleaned from this area, it has remained clean as new. The purse organizer portion, well, let's say we need to take a look at cleaning this.. So I've been using this Packin' Insert for roughly a year and it's time, maybe past time, to give it a good cleaning. While I was at it, I snapped a few photos to share my 'how-t'o cleaning routine as this is often the question many people ask; "how do you clean a Packin' Neat purse insert?" First, remove the contents of your Packin' Neat organizer, firearm, wallet, loose change, goodies and all those miscellaneous items at the bottom and in the pockets.

This is my Packin' Neat and yuck - it's needs a clean!

I like to turn my organizer inside-out. I find it's easier to wash this way.

Turn the purse organizer inside out

Run the organizer under luke warm water. I put it directly in the stream of water from the faucet. You'll notice the fabric acts much like a duck's feathers and the water tends to run right off. Continue to soak it and it will get wet.

Inside out you can reach the dirtiest areas

I add a little dish soap and scrub with my hands or rub the fabric together.

I add a little dish soap and gently wash

Rinse under luke warm warm again to remove soap and debris. Then I take a dry towel and pat or softly rub to remove the excess water. A lint free or kitchen towel is best.

I turn from inside-out back to the original state and hang with a chip clip or clothespin.

Hang to dry - I use a chip clip

Come back a few hours later and the Packin' Neat looks brand new!

Looks like new!

**Be prepared, get training, have an opinion (you might just disagree with me but if I got you to think about it...know where you stand) and finally be safe out there. Kristen

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