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Packin' Neat Product Sizing


The Packin' Neat system is a combination of purse organizer and holster all in one.  The perfect solution to keeping your firearm properly positioned, separated and easily accessible while organizing your purse  at the same time.  Use the available pockets to house extra magazines, cell phone, car keys, wallet, and more.  The Packin' Neat solution turns almost any purse into a concealed carry purse.  No need to purchase 'special' concealed carry purses in a variety of colors or use unique holsters based on outfits. 


Step 1:  Choose the Packin' Neat holster that fits your purse - the Tactical, The Boss or The Skinny and now the NEW Mini . 


The Packin' Neat system is designed to adjust to the interior of your purse.  The Tactical model fits in large and medium sized purses and adjusts to fit.  The Boss is designed for larger purses, bags or totes.  The Skinny is design specifically for thin or divided purses and briefcases. The Tactical, Boss and Skinny require approximately 8" in height to accommodate a firearm in the muzzle down position plus holster and flap.  The NEW Mini is designed only for small firearms and small purses.


Step 2:  Choose your firearm or other configuration. 


What is the general size/shape of your firearm?  Please note Compact, Subcompact, Revolver, Other are specific to Packin' Neat and may not be the same classification as the firearm manufacturer. Use the chart below to tell us what your firearm most closely resembles or look at our list of popular firemarms below:



Packin' Neat Mini

The NEW Mini

Side View

On Orders over $125

Other size holster popular options:

Kimber Double Shot

Taser C2

Stun Gun models

*** Contact us if you have 'extras' like a laser 

which may change the footprint of your firearm.

Compact size holster popular firearms include:

Glock G19

Glock G42

Glock G43

Glock 643

Glock 30S

Kel-Tec PF9

Kimber Solo

Kimber Ultra Carry

Ruger LC9S

Sig Sauer P229

Sig Sauer P290

Sig Sauer P935

Sig Sauer P239

Sig Sauer P365

Springfield XD, XDM, XDS

S&W M&P Shield

Taurus 605PLY

Taurus PT-709

Taurus 111G2

Taser Pulse

~ Most concealed carry firearms over 6" in length

Subcompact size holster popular firearms include:


Berreta Nano

Bond Arms Backup

Kahr 380

Ruger LC9

Ruger LCP

S&W Bodyguard 380

Sig Sauer P238

Taurus TCP

Walther PPK

Kahr PM40

~Most concealed carry firearms under 6" in length

Revolver size holster popular firearms include:

Charter Arms Pink Lady

Ruger LCR

Ruger SP101

S&W Centennial 442 Airweight

S&W Model 64

S&W Model 60 3" Barrel

~Most concealed carry 'J' frame models

Large Barrel Revolver size holster

Larger barrel/cylinder revolvers

Contact us if you have any questions or would like to verify sizing.

The Packin' Neat holster system is designed so only the firearm will be revealed upon retrieval, leaving the removable holster insert behind. The Packin' Neat system is engineered to include hook and loop as well as non-slip fabrics to secure the holster insert in place.


***Note:  Compact, subcompact and revolver sizing is specific to the Packin' Neat line.  Use the above pictorial to determine the proper sizing or simply tell us what you carry and we'll make sure to provide the right fit.


Contact us directly if you have questions on selecting the right option for you at:



















To ensure the proper fit at the time of ordering feel free to provide the make and model of your firearm or other carry item and we will make the proper selection.   Contact us if you have an unusual firearm, have a laser or other add-on's which may alter the holster selection.


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