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Q. Will the Packin' Neat purse insert hold my firearm?

A.  The Packin' Neat purse insert with integrated holster is made to hold most conceal carry size firearms.  To ensure your firearm will work in the Packin' Neat system there's a simple guideline diagram to assist you below.  The sizing is approximate and there is a little give if it's close. 















Q.  Will the Packin' Neat purse insert fit in my purse?

A.  The Packin' Neat purse insert is a combination of a purse insert and a holster.  The purse insert is designed to conform to the size of your purse but typically fits well in medium to large size purses.  For measurement purposes, measure your purse by sticking a ruler vertically inside your purse and measure the height.  The purse insert sits at roughly 7-3/4" in height. See our Sizing page for specific dimensions,
















Q.  What is the difference between the Tactical , The Boss, The Skinny and Mini?

A.  The Tactical size purse insert is a combination of purse insert and holster designed to fit most conceal carry size firearms and medium size purses.  The purse insert has 5 pockets and an open area to store your purse contents.  The Skinny does not have this open area but does have the 5 pockets and the holster designed for very thin purses, briefcases or purses with dividers.  The Boss is the largest and designed for larger purses, totes and backpacks. The Mini is the Tactical in miniature, designed for small footprint firearms only. Below is a side by side comparison to view.

















Q.  What is the Packin' Neat insert made out of and how durable is it?

A. The Packin' Neat purse inserts are made of durable denier tactical nylon and is the same nylon used in a variety of holsters, backpacks and go-bags on the market.  The insert is made to last with quadruple layers in areas to ensure it's ridgety.



Q.  What makes the Packin' Neat purse insert unique?

A. Designed by a woman who didn't want to give up her existing purses to carry, the Packin' Neat system is a patented one-of-a-kind solution.  Its design is to keep the firearm in a safe position, stationary and at the top of the purse.  Having tried carrying in just a typical holster, it would continually end up at the bottom of the purse, hard to find underneath other objects and definitely not a quick draw.  The Packin' Neat system solves this problem.



Q.  Why are there two pieces to the Packin' Neat system?

A.  The purse organizer and holster compartment are 1 portion of the system designed as a purse organizer and holster all in one.  The Holster is the number 2 portion and removable and designed to house your firearm or pepper spray.  This selection is based on your type of carry firearm/spray and to ensure it sits at the very top of the opening of the holster.  Both pieces come supplied as one Packin' Neat System.  Extra inserts are available for those who carry more than one size firearm. When you open the holster you should see the grip of your firearm at the top.  If this isn't the case, please contact us for a replacement or additional holster insert.  Here's a visual to show how you should see the grip of your firearm:
















Q. I like the idea of the new Mini, will my Glock 43 fit?

A. The Mini is designed specifically for small purses and small firearms.  The Glock 43 is too large to fit in the Mini, however firearms under 6" in length will fit.  Shown below is the Packin' Neat Mini with the Kimber Micro380































Q. Is the Packin' Neat Purse organzier or Tummy-Tuck washable?

A. We recommend hand washing with lukewarm water and dish soap.  Learn more with step by step instructions HERE 










More questions?  Contact us, we're glad to help: 239-887-8004.



The Mini

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