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Are you prepared for the 10%

Are you prepared for the 10% chance?

In today's climate we are increasingly aware that bad stuff can happen to good people. We all know we aren't safe 100% of the time but what are the odds, the odds of you being a victim?

I recently visited the website were you can rate your odds of being involved in a crime whether it is a burglary or assault. Based on your answers to the questions, you can get a feel for not only your odds but what you can do to be a bit safer.

According to this quiz, I found I had a 10% chance of being a victim. Let's face it, the odds of you having a life threatening, all out need to defend yourself today might be minimal. But minimal still means possible. You could go years without an unexpected event or the unthinkable might happen to you tomorrow.It's the precautions, planning, training with tools and weapons on or around us that can alter that 10%.

If you're thinking that's a lot of work for a 10% likelihood, let's compare the the possibility of your home catching fire. The probability that your home catches fire this year is less than 1% but we buy homeowners insurance don't we? On the other hand, the possibility of getting into an automobile accident within a 5 year period is 25%. We buy insurance, just in case, for the possibility.

Whether your home is accidentally damaged, you're involved in a car accident or you find yourself a victim of a crime - The common denominator is that all these events were not planned - you don't plan a house fire, you don't plan an automobile accident and you don't plan to be assaulted. But we can take precautions and be prepared...are you prepared for your 10% ?Try the test for yourself (no obligation or info collected):

Check out:**

Be prepared, get training, have an opinion (you might just disagree with me but if I got you to think about it...) and finally be safe out there.


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