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How The Packin' Neat Holster Works

Made of 100% durable Nylon and forming products, this product combines a purse organizer with a holster to keep your firearm positioned correctly and isolated.  The firearm is stored in a downward facing direction to allow for quick and easy access when you need it.  If your purse allows, we recommend cross carry with your hand inside your purse and on the weapon in areas you feel you are vulnerable.  The design of the holster works best when the organizer contains multiple miscellaneous purse items which keeps the firearm in an upright position.  

Now you can easily switch purses and carry when you wish. Best of all you can use your existing purses, designer purses and all.

Designed by a woman with a concealed carry license who wasn't happy with the concealed carry purses out there.  Why settle for only one carry purse? Why not use all those purses already in your closet?  

Try Packin' Neat in your designer purses - it works!  One size fits most medium to large size purses.

The holster has a magnetic closure that is easily opened with one hand.  Inside the holster container is a holster insert properly sized for your weapon (please specify variety when ordering, note: reference our Sizing page for more details).


The design and materials used allow you access and quickly retrieve the weapon, leaving the holster and holster insert behind.  

The Packin' Neat Tactical is the latest and most comprehensive version to date.  Made of durable nylon and forming products, the Packin' Neat Tactical is a quality concealed carry solution used, carried and recommended by instructors, self-defense trainers and weapons dealers alike.

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