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About Packin' Neat

Developed by a Woman trying to find the right solution


After making the decision to conceal carry, Kristen shopped for her carry solution, and shopped and shopped.  She tried all the traditional carry methods but nothing seemed quite the right solution. Looking and still not finding what worked for her, she created a solution from scratch and from her kitchen table.

Kristen didn't want to change her wardrobe, give up her favorite purses and was thereby leaving her firearm at home.  She decided to create a solution that worked for her.

That's when the Packin' Neat system was created.  Kristen designed a way to properly carry in existing purses and bags.  A solution that properly isolates the firearm and conceals.  She now shares this solution with other women and men with Packin' Neat. 

Kristen says, "Not a week goes buy that I don't hear from women (and men) who aren't happy with the concealed carry purse/bag choices out there.  I hear things like:  'The purses out there are just too 'Western-looking' or  'I just don't like them',  Now, with Packin' Neat, you aren't limited to those carry purses.  Use your own bags, purses or briefcases."

Enjoyed by both men and women, Packin' Neat organizers provide a way to carry your firearm off-body, concealed in any bag, purse or tote. Yes, men.  Whether it's a briefcase, tote or center console in your car or truck, the Packin' Neat works.


Packin' Neat is patented and is available both online and through authorized dealers.  Packin' Neat products are proudly made in the U.S.A.



Who is Kristen?


Kristen is the inventor of the Packin' Neat system and a concealed carry advocate.  She looked but couldn't find a concealed carry option that worked for her.  So she set about finding a solution.  Through trial and error she sat at her kitchen table sewing and creating the Packin' Neat product.  Then after solving her own problem of finding the right carry method she decided to share the Packin' Neat solution with other women. 

The result, women love it! 



Our Team


Packin' Neat is a family business. We work hard to manufacture the highest quality, made in the USA products designed and patented to allow women and men one of a kind carry options.






Please contact us for more information at or call 239-887-8004

Wholesale orders excepted with minimum purchase, contact us for details.




Dealers Wanted


Yes, we are looking for dealers. Contact us for details.



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