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The Truth About Carrying Guns and Telling Others

Many people carry a gun everyday. They get up and get ready for the day, adding their firearm to the list of items they carry or wear. You may be among them. In truth, you'd probably be surprised at the number of people who are carrying all around you whether you're in the grocery store, restaurant or theater. Many people, especially those who don't carry, would have no idea the shear numbers of concealed carriers they cross paths with on a daily basis.

Many times their extended family or friends don't even know they are packing a firearm. If you carry, or plan to carry, and unless you make a point of it, this many never come up in discussion. And you get to decide where you share or not.

As a holster designer and manufacturer, I often don't have the luxury to 'decide' whether or not to 'share' my interest in concealed carry. When I meet people and tell them what I do the first thing they ask is, "Are you carrying now?" It's hard to say no or be noncommittal if you want to stand behind your products. So I thought I'd take a moment to tell you my experience, if you choose to share your concealed carry/carry status.

Here's what to expect if they don't carry:

1. If you share with others you are carrying or have a concealed carry license AND they don't carry, you become their new super hero. They go through a bunch of scenarios, like 'if some bad guys walks through the door right now' and 'I'll get behind you'. They tend to think you've just received your new super hero cape and you're going to protect them and keep them safe.

2. If you share in group or public location, some people will often immediately share this information with others or even strangers. 'Hey, did you know" and '...if anyone gets out of line, we've got someone here to...'. And if you would actually be in a situation where you might need a firearm, they might give you up thinking they're doing a good thing because you can help. Perhaps pushing you to get involved when you don't need to intervene. Not only does this take the element of surprise away, it might get you killed.

3. For others, they get rather inquisitive, wanting to ask many questions about how you're carrying, what you're carrying, where and more. Basically a barrage of questions are to follow. "How does it feel?' or 'Have you ever had to use it?' You might not feel comfortable sharing all they'll ask.

Ultimately it's your decision to carrying a firearm. It's also your decision to share that with your closest family and friends. If you choose to share, determine how much you want to share and where you choose to share. This is my best advice as you don't always know the response you're going to get. Have a pre-determined non-qualifying answer at the ready, like "I don't talk about that' but in your own words. One phrase that doesn't necessarily disclose your carry status but sounds like an answer. Often you can head-off all the scenarios above.

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