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A new year's resolution

If you are a concealed-carrier or own a gun for home defense, it's said you can't have too much training. Training is important for many reasons including the fact you'll become more comfortable with your firearm.

We all have a very busy schedule, whether it's work, kids or family. These things keep us busy and are often the very things we want to protect. As I write this I can't help but think I need more training too!

I hear from many women, "yes I have a gun but I never shoot it'. You don't want an incident to be the first time you draw your firearm. Under stress you'll revert back to what you know and are comfortable with. If you aren't proficient you might hesitate, forget basics and question your response. You'll hesitate and that can be the 'perfect moment' you miss.

Consider some training. Training will give you the confidence and knowledge to know 'you got this'!

One way to gain more knowledge, experience and training is to sign up for a shooting group. If you haven't signed up or joined a group, make a resolution, make it happen this year. Here are a few groups for women you can join;

The Well Armed Woman - I'm a TWAW member. It’s a great way to find training resources learn new techniques, meet other women and practice at the range. Learn more here:

A Girl and A Gun - Check out a group near you or check out their website for local chapters here:

There are many more options, use the internet to search for more training or a chapter in your area.

Check out a group near you today! You'll be glad you did.

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