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Fast Forward Five Years and SAVE

Packin' Neat turns five this month, and we’re so excited about all the things we’ve managed to achieve and learn over the years! So excited in fact that we even we want to celebrate with you!

It all began in late 2011, I had this idea to solve my concealed carry problem. I constructed what will forever be known as the very first holster incorporated purse organizer. Soon I shared this idea with friends and was prompted to make a few more. Yes, in the beginning I would sew each and every purse organizer. Finally in 2013, I added a website and branding you now know as Packin' Neat. Looking back the concept has remained the same, provide a high quality solution. A solution that lasts. (Read the full story)

Packin' Neat started with one product called the Original Purse Organizer. Retired in 2015, this product launched during a transition in concealed carry for women. It provided a brand new option for off-body carry. Thank you to all our loyal Packin' Neat fans who've used our products and helped to promote a new concept in concealed carry.

Receiving a full U.S. utility patent in 2016, Packin' Neat has come a long way over the years. Adding more styles, colors, options and accessories for both men and women. We want to celebrate this milestone of 5 years with you!

We couldn’t be here without you. If you are a daily user of Packin' Neat, please share this with a friend.

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