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Are you afraid of monsters?

Are you afraid of monsters? This sounds like something you’d ask your kids or grandkids but it’s something you need to ask yourself. How do you react if startled? How do you react when someone has surprised you? Are you shocked, paralyzed, stunned, or frozen? If any of these words describes you - when seriously startled, you might need to examine your reactions. Most predators utilize those few moments when you are ‘recovering’ from the shock to take swift action. The bad guys anticipate you’ll be shocked and stunned and they use that time to gain the upper hand. It’s in those split seconds when the predator thinks you’ll be busy recovering and ‘taking in’ what just happened. That’s when you need to act. If you think and act quickly, you have the chance to turn the tables, make a move the predator isn’t expecting. Don't be predictable. They want victims that are compliant and predictable. They want easy prey. If you freeze and delay action, even taking time to contemplate your next move, you can lose the edge you had against your attacker. Come up with a few ‘table-turners’ or ways to react with immediate actions. Having these reactions ready and thought through. Make these planned actions so they are second nature, not an afterthought can use your time wisely. Right now, stop and think of five things you could do if you’re startled. Practice those actions. If you’re having trouble with how to act, it’s time to get busy. Predators are monsters, they want to scare you! If you’re scared you’re more likely to freeze. **Be prepared, get training, have an opinion (you might just disagree with me but if I got you to think about it...) and finally be safe out there. Kristen

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