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The fight you may not know we're in

If you're pro 2nd amendment you can't miss the ongoing debates, arguments, articles, and newscasts highlighting the wildly polarizing views in the USA. Firearms and the right to carry, own, and possess firearms are in the cross-hairs. As proclaimed by many, our 2nd amendment rights are under attack!

The rebuttal from the Pro 2A camp is always, 'never going to happen!' This group says if they come for our guns they won't get them.

While I would like to subscribe to the idea that it's never going to happen, we have to consider what's already happening. Perhaps a more subtle tactic might be at play. I want to point out some recent occurrences we've experienced at Packin' Neat. The 'names' are conspicuously missing and I'll let you draw your own conclusions.

Example 1: A certain 'social media platform' we use to run ads, promotions and sponsored content has begun dis-approving ads. While there are specific guidelines to follow when it comes to advertising and specifically advertising in the firearms space, here's what we notice. We run ads, sometimes the same ad with just a color change. It's the same product but with a different color item. We can have one ad running, submit the same ad, same verbiage and the only difference is a change in the item color. That ad will not receive approval. At other times, it depends on what time of day the ad is submitted. Often we resubmit the very same ad that didn't qualify and it gets approved. It's happened too many times to be a coincidence. Could it be that is because it's promoting a 2A business?

Example 2: We use a certain browser platform to advertise shopping ads and we do this to bring awareness and promote our products. When a customer searches for a product on the internet, the results contain pictures of relevant products. These images are actually ads paid for by the sellers.

We utilize this platform to drive website visits and have been since 2013. Last week our ads were cancelled because our logo (suddenly) violates the terms and conditions. Here's our logo:

Packin' Neat is by no means the only company to have had these occurrences. These are just two of our recent examples. My guess is, most people doesn't know or experience this. The 2A customer or someone who doesn't run ads is likely unaware of the level of censorship, the inability to run ads or even to display your logo.

They may not be coming directly for our firearms. However, they are going to make it much more difficult for you to find companies in the industry on the world wide web. So keep searching and as they say " Seek and you shall find."

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