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Shhhh! After all it is concealed carry

We, as women, find the latest kitchen gadget and we are all about it. We're sharing the find with friends and family. Finding a good time-saving or rescue hack, we’re sharing it with anyone and everyone. After all, sharing is how we find out about all the newest and best solutions.

But, when it comes to concealed carry, it’s all hush, hush! After all, that’s what concealed carry is... concealed, right?

Yet, by not sharing we aren’t doing any favors. We often don’t share for various reasons but it may be because we don’t want to disclose ‘our carry’ in the process. The problem is, the knowledge for carrying the ‘right way’ isn’t shared.

Here's what I know and hear - women carry in their purse, regardless of what others say - and have been doing so for decades. Unfortunately, many have just been tossing it in among all the other purse contents (cringe). They do this everyday but they don’t know any different. It’s not until it goes bad that we hear about it. These are the instances that can be prevented, if only they were given some instruction and guidance. If only someone shared.

For those not familiar with the gun industry, this is not unusual nor shocking to find. Women are often gifted a gun by a family member or loved one and their quick solution is to toss it in their purse, thinking it’s there if I need it. These women haven’t had hours of instruction, no women-specific instruction for sure and in some cases, no instruction at all. Many have never set foot in a gun store.

It’s these women we need to reach to let them know there’s a right way to carry. They need to know options, what’s wrong with their current carry method, and general instruction.

Concealing is inherently not sharing. So, I’ll recommend an old standby; “I have a friend in the holster business. She created an innovative, safe way to carry.” Then pause. This opens the door for her to ask more questions, and presents an opportunity to share safe options. In approaching it in this way, in a third party manner, you never mentioned your carry method or firearm.

It’s up to us to share. Find the way you feel comfortable, but please do share. Let's help all women be safe.

~ a note from 'your friend in the holster business', Kristen

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