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What's the real deal with carry insurance?

What do you know about concealed carry firearms insurance?

If you have concealed carry insurance, you already know the reason it exists. For those who don't know much about this specific insurance niche, we'll dive into some basics.

What is Self-Defense Insurance?

Concealed carry or self-defense insurance is a policy that provides legal protection coverage for you in the event you need to defend yourself or a loved one using lethal force.

Who Really Needs It?

You may think “What are the odds I will need this insurance?” or "is it worth it?" In response, I'll ask, “Why do you carry a firearm?” My guess is you carry because you know the potential exists you might need to use it, whatever the odds. You carry to be prepared just in case today is the day. Carry insurance works in very much the same way. It's there, just in case. Maybe you think the odds are slim of actually using the firearm in self defense and you'll deal with that when it happens. "I will deal with it afterwards", you think. Afterwards may not be what you expect. For many, what happens after you use your firearm to defend yourself is often a surprise. Often the victim will be treated much the same as a perpetrator. In fact, you'll be escorted off to the station or even the jail. This will then be followed by lengthy questioning and a court appearance. But wait, you're the ‘good guy’ right?

Who Are You Going to Call?

Do you have legal representatives ready to call, just in case? Even if your relative is an attorney, you'll want someone who knows this specific area of the law. Researching this from the police station is not the time to hunt down the right attorney. You're going to want someone who knows their stuff and is familiar in this area of the law. Oh, and it’s going to be expensive. You'll need thousands of dollars as a retainer, it could be as much as $50,000 to $100,000, upfront. Did I mention you'll need to handle this all from jail?

Here's What's Next

Whether you are in the right or not, you could be treated very much like you did something wrong. Imagine for a moment, you are the police officer. You've been called to an address, provided with a few details that include 'someone has a gun'. As you come upon the situation, quickly trying to determine: is it the bad guy with the gun or the good guy with the gun? Sorting this out will take some time to get the facts straight and to determine which person is the true victim.

Where's my Firearm?

There's a good chance through all this your firearm will be retained as evidence and it is possible you won't see your firearm again. If you do, it will be a while. Representation can help here too. this video:

In case you're wondering, I'm a fan of concealed carry insurance. Click to read more below:

Thank you for reading, be safe.


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