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The Skinny in Red w/Ladybugs


~Limited Edition~

Red with Ladybugs is a limited edition 

Available Color Options:


Baby Leopard

Concealed Carry made easy - An integrated organizer and holster all in one!  A revolutionary, patented design with 5 pockets, and an integrated correctly positioned firearm holster. The Skinny is flat and designed to fit in thin compartments or purses.   The Skinny is back by popular demand!!


The Skinny is made for thin or divided purses. This is the Red with Ladybugs Skinny version of the Packin' Neat system. As with all the Packin' Neat holster systems, this product includes a removable holster. All of our Purse Organizers are made from durable nylon materials, and are a quality concealed carry solution for women.  This organizer turns any thin purse, bag or briefcase into a concealed carry bag. The Skinny is available in Red, Black Baby Leopard and Chocolate in heavy-duty Nylon fabric .


This organizer turns any purse, bag or briefcase into a concealed carry bag.  




Red w/Ladybugs

This Purse Insert works with these firearms:


Please review the holster recommendations PRIOR to ordering - see below

$105.95 Plus Shipping & Handling

  Red with Ladybugs Limited Edition


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Which Holster size do I need?

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How does this product work (click to play video)?

Packin' Neat Organizers Side-by-Side

How do I know which size fits my purse?

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