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The Boss in Baby Leopard

~Limited Edition~

The Baby Leopard color is a limited edition special run available in a very limited quantity.  Baby Leopard is available in The Tactical, Boss, Skinny and Mini sizes while supplies last.

Available Color Options:

The Boss Topview
The Boss Sideview



Baby Leopard


Concealed Carry made easy - An integrated organizer and holster all in one!  A revolutionary, patented design with 5 pockets, and an integrated correctly positioned firearm holster.  A larger organizer open area for use in large purses, totes and center consoles.  By request for those using larger bags or totes - The Boss !


This is the BOSS version of the Packin' Neat system.  A larger version of the Tactical purse insert (approximately 30% larger organizer but with the same holster area) designed for those with larger purses. The Boss version of the Packin' Neat system in Baby Leopard - A Limited Edition Run designed to blend into light color purses.  This fabric is protected with a coating so dirt washes right off with soap and water.  As with all the Packin' Neat holster systems, this product includes a removable holster.  The Boss version, made from durable nylon materials, is a quality concealed carry solution for women.  This is a great choice for larger bags or totes.  The holster areas are consistent in all the Packin' Neat Systems and will hold a variety of firearms.


This organizer turns any purse, bag or tote into a concealed carry bag.  

This Purse Insert works with these firearms:


Please review the holster recommendations PRIOR to ordering - see below

$113.95 Plus Shipping & Handling

 Color: Baby Leopard Limited Edition


See below for answers to:

How does this product work?

Which holster size do I need?

How do I know what size fits my purse?

What's the difference between the sizes?

How to measure your purse?

Which Holster size do I need?

How does this product work (click to play video)?

Packin' Neat Organizers Side-by-Side

How do I know which size fits my purse?

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