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The Clipa Purse Hook


This is the hard to keep in stock, Clipa Purse Hook. Simply open and hang your purse, bag, umbrella, gym bag and more, instantly!

When not in use, hook on your purse strap and when you get to the restaurant, hang your bag next to you in plain view.  Open the Clipa purse hook and hang on the table, over the bathroom partition and more. Hangs on your purse straps so there's no digging in your bag to find it.

Guaranteed for 33 pounds and 10 years!  Guaranteed includes breaking, pitting or chipping for 10 years. Doubles as a bracelet - watch the video below to see how it works.  Note:  This product is not manufactured in the USA.

Note: Limited Edition Rose Gold available until its gone!!!

$16.99 Plus Shipping & Handling

Made by Clipa


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How does this product work (click to play video)?

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