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Designed with both women and men in mind, the Packin’ Neat Tummy-Tuck Holster provides an easy to use, easy to wear on-body option.  It's a light-weight, low-profile waistband holster made from breathable wicking fabrics.  A design that wraps and keeps your firearm or other contents snug against the body. Super light-weight, weighing in at approximately 5 ounces including the prepositional holster included.


With the Tummy-Tuck holster, it's positional to carry in the front or side or back with easy pull-tab access.  Each Tummy-Tuck Holster comes complete with a removable, position-able trigger guard.


Sizing:  Woman ( Sizes 10-18)   Men ( Size 34-44)  - Sizes are generous


Tummy-Tuck Holster - TT2 (Medium)


    What do you have to lose?

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