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The Extra Holster

extra subcompact
extra revolver
Extra compact

Available Color Options:


Want to carry a different firearm?  Have more than one carry firearm?


Purchase an additional holster to allow you to switch out your firearm yet use the same purse organizer.  Perhaps you own a second firearm (or more!) and you'd like to be able to carry another style of firearm some days.  


Available in non-slip black fabric with hook and loop strip. The holsters are desigend for use in The Tactical, The Boss or The Skinny Purse Inserts.


Choose your holster insert configuration for your firearm or other option such as pepper spray.


Note: all of the holster configurations fit into all of the sizes of purse inserts.

There is a holster for each of these firearm sizes:

$27.95 Plus Shipping & Handling

 Color: Black

Which Holster size do I need?


How does this product work?

Which holster size do I need?

How do I know what size fits my purse?

What's the difference between the sizes?


See below for answers to:

How to measure your purse?

How does this product work (click to play video)?

Packin' Neat Organizers Side-by-Side

How do I know which size fits my purse?

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