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BOGO Special at 50% OFF includes:

A Packin' Neat Tactical
Plus Skinny (shared holster)

Makes a great gift!

This product is currently on back order until Oct. 15


Normally $199.90

50% OFF - Share the holster
 only $156.00
  Plus FREE Shipping

Available Color Options:


Concealed Carry made easy - An integrated organizer and holster all in one!  A revolutionary, patented design with 5 pockets, and an integrated correctly positioned firearm holster.  A Tactical - for use in most medium to large purses.  The Tactical adjusts to fit the width of your purse. Plus A Skinny for use in divided or very thin purses or briefcases.


This special includes 2 Purse inserts, one black TACTICAL version of the Packin' Neat system and one Black SKINNY version of the Packin' Neat system.


As with all the Packin' Neat holster systems, these products include ONE removable holster.  


Now have two organizers at a great savings, one for each type of purse with this limited time special.  Get yours before the last one runs off the shelf!  

This Purse Insert works with these firearms:


$156.00 Includes Shipping & Handling

Special includes:

ONE Packin' Neat Black Tactical

and ONE Black Skinny

Available While Supplies Last    No substitutions 

Not sure which holster to select?  Add your make/model at checkout 

Darla​, AZ


Rated: 5 

from 0 (lowest) to 5 (highest)


I have used many purse organizers, none can do what this one does, if you carry. I bought the tactical and Slim, part of the BOGO special, what a great deal! Thank you, I love these organizers, everything is easy to find and more importantly, secure.​.


: 12 August, 2018

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