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Makes a great gift!

Makes a great gift!

Packin' Neat Purse & Bag Organizers

Packin' Neat Purse & Bag Organizers

The Purse Organizer and Holster Combination

Watch the video to learn more

Conceal Carry in your favorite purse

A size to fit this:                                               And this:                                                  And This:

Conceal Carry in your existing purses with Packin' Neat

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NRA Exhibitor
2015 - 2022

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2016 - 2022


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What is the Packin' Neat Purse (bag) Insert?

The patented combination purse insert and holster turns your existing closet full of purses into concealed carry bags in seconds.  Now feel confident about properly carrying your firearm.  



The specialized holster insert allows for right handed, left handed or cross carry positioning.  The Packin' Neat system provides you with a stationary holster that properly angles your weapon for quick and easy retrieval. 

Why settle for one concealed carry purse? 


Now carry in your existing purses with a high quality, durable purse insert.  A holster designed to separate your firearm from the contents of your purse and organize it at the same time. 




On Orders

over $125

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Video: See the Packin' Neat System

Packin' Neat is a unique women's concealed carry line.  Designer of the patented product to turn your existing purses into concealed carry purses, instantly.  It's a purse organizer with an integrated holster, all in one!


Why settle for ONE conceal carry purse? Missing your closet full of purses or wish to carry in your designer purses, now you can, try Packin' Neat.













Developed by a woman, who wasn't happy with the concealed carry options out there.  She wanted to keep using her favorite purses to carry, So, Kristen designed a way to properly isolate the firearm, cover the trigger AND keep it within easy reach. Now she's sharing her solution with Packin' Neat.


Don't give up your closet full of purses to carry just one 'conceal carry' purse.  Keep your favorite purse or bag and turn it into a carry bag, instantly. Don't give up your favorites, simply drop in a purse/bag organizer and keep the purses you already own to properly conceal carry. Don't lose your style....try the Packin' Neat purse insert today.





A Simple Idea:


Take a Purse Organizer


Add a Holster


Carry Your Way

concealed carry purse holsters








See our full line of Packin' Neat Concealed Carry Purse Holsters

& Accessories


Turn your everyday purse into a concealed carry purse.


Proudly made in the U.S.A.


Watch the video to see how it works...


 Questions?  Contact us: 239-887-8004 or via Email:

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