Gun & Bullet Necklace


Gun and Bullet Aromatherapy Necklace


Dress up any occasion with a Packin' Neat Gun charm necklace. 


Necklace comes complete with an aromatherapy 'bullet'.  Add a few drops of essential oils or your favorite perfume to the 'bullet'.  Open gun clasp to add 'bullet'.  Add this aroma charm to your collection, comes complete with gun charm, 16" chain and aroma  'bullet'.

'Bullet' colors may vary.

***Due to supply shortages, this item is currently backordered.  Orders are expected to ship on 11/30/21

Gun and Bullet Aromatherapy Necklace
Complete with gun charm, 16" chain and aromatherapy 'bullet'.
Bullet sphere colors vary.

$16.00 Includes Shipping & Handling