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Nickel & Lace Luxe Lace Camisole

Compression Luxe Lace Camisole from Nickel & Lace



Under 5 oz.






2 Holster

The Nickel & Lace Luxe Lace Camisole

The wait is over! Introducing the NEW LUXE LACE COMPRESSION CAMI!

 Made from lingerie materials, this is soft against the skin. Wear this under your favorite shirts, blouses, sweaters and more.  Easily conceals your firearm just above the hip. Includes two pockets, one on either side for right or left-handed draw.  Use the other pocket to hold cash, carry license/ID, passport or other small items.

  • Soft compression lingerie

  • Size XS - 2XL

  • Colors include White, Black and NUDE too!

  • Open bra style to wear with your favorite bra - this cami starts under the bra line

  • Trimmed with lace on bralette area and bottom hem for a soft transition 

  • Detachable Bra Straps!!!! So you can wear with RACER BACKS!

  • Dual CROSS BODY draw for SUBCOMPACT CARRY or OC Spray

  • Uses for carrying i.d., lipstick, credit cards, cash, keys, or other small items you would like to hide

  • Perfect option when using public transportation

  • Wash with your delicates

Examples: Sig P238, Glock 42, Glock 43, Ruger LCP, Ruger LC9, Kahr P380, SeeCamp LWS32, NAA Guardian .32ACP and other similar sized firearms.

This product is manufactured outside of the USA

Soft Lingerie materials


$69.95 Plus Shipping & Handling


Select your size (by bra and waist)

Luxe Lace Camisole

See below for answers to:

How does this product work?

What size do I need?


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How does this product work?

The Nickel & Lace Luxe Lace Camisole is worn over your bra and should fit close to the body.  The materials are soft against your skin.

The cami starts under the bra and does not include the bra.

For times when on-body carry is desired, this option is comfortable, light-weight and breathable.  

Sizes are based on bra and waist, however the product is stretch.

Quality construction, made outside the USA

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